How to Customize Firefox toolbars

One of the best features in Mozilla Firefox is that you can customize it how you want. You can choose from thousands of themes and personas and you can download extensions which can add more functionallities to your browser. Maybe you don't like where the buttons are placed. You can change it too, here is how to do it:

Go to View menu, choose Toolbars and there choose the Customize menu item.
Then a window will pop up, where you can find more buttons what you can drag and drop to anywhere on your browser.
If you want to remove a button, just drag it from the browser and drop into the Customize Toolbar window.
If you want to move a button somewhere else, move it with your mouse to the new place.

With that way you can move all of the buttons, the url and search bar and almost everything. Play with it, and find the best layout.

Mozilla Firefox Customize Toolbar window