Google Reader Watcher 1.0 is out

After a long developing session the Google Reader Watcher Firefox extension 1.0 is out.
The extension has been rewritten, at least the 90% of the code was changed. The main goal was of the rewrite is to have good API in the extension to make easy to add new features and fix the bugs.
Also it works with less requests and does less calculation, which means the extension is faster now.

A new thing, that you don't need to specify your account details if you saved your Google account details with the Firefox password manager.
The extension also works better with multiple Google accounts.
An improvement what some of you will like, that you can see the unread items in the toolbar button and the grid in its tooltip.

The minimum version of Firefox changed to 3.0, please update if you use older browser (even Mozilla doesn't support them!).

Need to say special thanks to Endor who helped to make the extension better with tests!

Hope you like the improvements and any suggestions are welcome.

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